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tv   [untitled]    February 6, 2015 8:30pm-9:01pm PST

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on december 18th and voted unanimously to recommend approval the ludicrously was unanimously recommended to the full board and the article 2 as you recall on definitions creates interim control for the rfp districts it is a phase one at the land use commission supervisor wiener spoke to the consistency and making it easier for use for everyone there was minor technical amount of time and one person from the audience voted in favor and next on the agenda the ushlth accumulation for the dr zoning administrator to accommodate the needs of person with disability it was heard and voted unanimously for approval at the land use hearing
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supervisor wiener spoke for the flexibility of land use controls to accommodate people with sdabltsd and representatives from the mayor's office on disability was favorable the committee voted to recommend it to the full board next the uttering master plan the planning commission recommended approval based on the november 20th of last year several people spoke in favor this plan doesn't address funding for the urban forest but a number of comments focused on the for consistency and it was voted unanimously for approval next the sign and canopy ordinances 130r7bd by supervisor wiener that was the last portion of the northeast ordinance heard in 2012, the amendment to the code by modifying the buildings
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and requires building signs to be in conformity with the code the ordinance reduce the allowable height of signs from one hundred feet to 60 feet and the land use committee harder the amendment and supervisor wiener said to remove the height recommendation and in the past it was public comment that spoke out against the sign height and you enthused is it was recommended to the full board. >> next was the office conversion in landmark building sponsored by supervisor cohen the ordinances places conversion of designated landmark and pdr one d and g districts and required the office space in
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those districts receive the conditional use authorization and as lack of foundation it was included to be with the recommended modification and moved to continue it for one week and finally the rezoning for 6 hundred court land that was heard in 2015 and vote amazing to recommend approval the ordinance was to allow the pdr one j g this is the last property supposed to be zoned and part of the rezoning but due to the clerical error it was left out with the passage it is up to the zoning code and no public comment and the committee voted unanimously to recommend
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approval that land use committee was lighter the interim zoning for the nc t zoning along market street that will extend extend the financial services uncle in the marketplace from church street where we are to octavia boulevard and this committee recommended approval for the full board the office conversion controls in the look building was recommend to the full board and then a hearing on the city's parks program staff and parks to program an update on the projects and the projects were 8 parklets and two bed expedia plaza the program staff presented the pavement to parks strategic plan that excludes the staff and capital allocations
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the creation of an inner agency and nor appropriate permits and exploring supervisor wiener requested foul allocations at dpw and mta required for the program to differ to the mayors 2003 pedestrian rules for the plazas this was a hearing no action and at the full board last week upper market street received it's final i'm sorry it's first reading this ordinance would amend the upper market street to basically permit arcades on the first story and second-story the big item was the ceqa appeal for embarcadero that was an appeal of the final mitigated declaration for a one-story building and the renovation for
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the common club of california it is located on the embarcadero and stuart street the negative declaration identified it as eligible for the california places due to the association with the longs short-term strike the department determined the practice writing project did not say it was any significance not impacting the 12r9 street facade the appellant contended otherwise several of the members spoke for and against several of the members of the i o w union spoke in support and the congesting to preserve the building and former folks also spoke in favor of holding the m.d.
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supervisor avalos and supervisor campos asked numerous questions for the resource and kim asked about the street trees and they upheld it unanimously in 2012 supervisor kim made a motion to reject the appeal a and it was unanimously passed and the emergency shelter ordinance received its first reading this week the arresting cascades was passed in the final reading and the signed ordinance the article 2 ordinance for the ur9 plan and the zoning for 6 hundred court received their first reading there were 3 or 2 introductions 3 introductions the first interim zoning for permits for
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commercial uses and second brandon division and south van ness was supported by supervisor kim the ordinance requires are certainty building permit for some commercial use and 15 day delay and conditional use approval to when it is converted this is an interim ordinance will not come to you and also two ordinances introduced by supervisor breed one o to the embarcadero street and other transit currently their neighborhood districts those are items will come to you for review i'm happy to answer any questions you may have. >> commissioner antonini in addition for your report on the embarcadero i understand the commonwealth is moving to the
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press club it has to do with them losing their lease and the amount of time to construct it other than i would assume most of the actions are complete as far as you're concerned. >> i'll refer to john. >> commissioner as far as i know the permits - because of the ceqa appeals we're not able to issue permits so it's possible that the permits could be i suppose. >> okay. thank you. >> and the board of appeals didn't meet but had a meeting they had an election commissioner president lazarus was elected for another president year and commissioner honda was elevated to the vice president and there were two items one worth noting on
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ashbury was an appeal we've heard on the caesarean back in september and had conditions that were used inform the size of the building at the rear only the variance was appealed by the neighbor and the board unanimously upheld the variance decision the building permit itself will be appealable and another issue 2738 shaerz was before is as a discretionary review the building permit was issued no error prior to this commission taking the approval and the tenant filed on appeal on the permit application so they've heard the tenants appealed we noted the decision of this commission on the discretionary review and somewhat again, it is unusual we brought this back to get our input on the project the board
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voted last week 22 to deny the permit which would have the semieffect on the commissions decision that essentially is not an action it could be overturned to deny the permit so the permit was being issued i know that the metcalf appellant in that case can do that within 10 days and we're looking at 09 avenues for the commissions decision to be implemented that'll and i'll be happy to answer any questions. >> good afternoon tim frye so share with you several things from the preservation commission before the commission the second meeting of the cultural heritage assets committee met with a presentation from the mayor's office on the investing
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neighborhoods program the mayor's office focused on their work in the joint powers authority and the mission neighborhood at the next cultural heritage meeting on march 18 we have small business will be perpetrate they're to present ideas on how the office will be administering the legacy business that is proposed by is supervisor campos office certainly keep you up to date on their continued meetings as i mentioned by the summer they intent on preparing a list of recommends how the historic preservation commission can better achieve some of the resolution on the heritage and legacy businesses when the full commission convened the first action to convene their election of
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officers they decided to do that as commissioner johnson and president hasz and another commissioner they've been able to voted on officers at the their march 18 hearing commission unanimously recommended approval of the departments proposed budget and work program i believe on your calendar today, the commission issued a letter that will be shared with you later this afternoon and the commission provided review and comment only 1546 market street draft eir this item i believe is before you in the next several weeks the commission comments focused primarily on their determination the preservation alternatives are not do not fully address reducing any potential impacts
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to the historic resources on the site they've asked the project sponsor and staff to develop more robust alternatives to consider both the building located at the project site the commission approved unanimously a certificate of appropriation in the telegraph hill district and the remainder of the hearing was dedicated to conversation around the building cody want to brought to your attention mar has asked for the maintenance plan for any building over 5 stories in height the commission is supportive of the legislation, however, they have additional comments the board to consider before adapting the amendments one was to include a indemnification of
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hectic resources and they'd like to be defined for any buildings designated putter to aortas in the building code and any determined eligible for the california registration remaining items have more to do with how the program is administered and the qualifications of those conducting inspections they want all professionals responsible for inspects on the historic resources to have experience working on historic resources that the california historic building code and best practices be used that work for historic resources complied to the concert of comparison standards and finally the commission would like to be involved along with the planning department and the
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drafting of the administrative bullet where they'll be preparing on how the program will be administered those comments will be forward to the board of supervisors and to the mayor's office consideration and certainly happy to keep you updated that concludes any comments underlines unless you have questions. >> mr. prime mayor what it's the date what are live 5 steroids and there that's a great question i don't know why great 5 stories was selected suggesting the inspections once the high-rise code kicks in '80 feet or 8 stories but it sounds like at the dbi commission that wasized to 5 i can look at that. >> it would be interesting to see a pattern of neglect when
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you see the ii to different stories it is interesting to hear an update on that. >> sure. >> commissioners if there's nothing further we can move on to to general public comment not to succeed a period of 15 be advised the ringing of and use of cell phones code are prohibited at this meeting. please be advised that the chair may order the removal from the meeting room responsible for the ringing or use of a cell phone, pager, or other similar sound-producing electronic devices. i have no speaker cards. >> any general public comment seeing none public comment is closed. >> commissioner that places you under our regular calendar and item 5 was pulled off of content you'll take up that matter now for case 2013 c and e on oak
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street and 1520 to 38 conditional use authorization. >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm maryy woods of the planning staff this development for the urban school of san francisco the cu for a two feats development 9 phase one will include the recognition e relocation of a families and the construction of a 40 feet tall approximately 54 though square feet academics building and phase 2 will include the remodeling of the existing give him naturally building and increases it by 40 students for 4 hundred and 20 project is also seeking planning code modifications to the floor area ratio and the rear yard
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requirement through the cu process the departments recommends for approval with conditions because the project is for a 2 phase development the sponsor is seeking a 10 year timeframe in order to accommodate the phase development and fundraising for the proposed project this concludes my summary is of the project i'm happy to answer any questions you may have. >> project sponsor. >> once you start speaking into the microphone that b will come
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on the screen. >> good afternoon, president fong and other commissioners i'm head of the urban school in san francisco, your honor, is a independent high school that offers various education to 3 hundred and 77 students a premier high school with a truly reputation for educational innovation school was off and on in 1966 nearing it's 60th anniversary we have been located in the 45ush9 for the last thirty years the powerful verbs in this mission igniting a passion
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speaks to the schools simple purpose in a high-level of learning we're committed to preparing for their future and lives after formal schooling ends we graduate constitutes who have the capacity to learn how to learn and that capacity will be critical to them in the workplace and in their future lives throughout the school we pioneered a number of innovations many have been copied by another private and public high schools in the early 70s we introduced the block scheduling students take fewer classes to focus on fewer classes rather than juggling 6 or 7 late 60s we introduced a
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learning having students to go off companions and work in organizations a defining core of our organization the resources are at urban your junior's and seniors work in nonprofits in the hate and every year our students contribute 84 hundred hours of time for the nonprofits school and social service organization in a digital pioneer 15 years ago we became an finest one-on-one laptop school giving students in theth grade a laptop and this is ways to enhance ways of teaching
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your honor is committed to enrolling students from a broad range of background the more diverse the student bodies the better nearly one out of 3 students at urban today attends the school because of the strength of the financial aid program proposed project has too phases both phase one and two together enables the sf entertainment commission school to address the needs for space for the academic athletics and performing art in phase one we'll build a athletic facility with 64 thousand dollars square feet with parking lots on oak street as you can see this is a gym naturally and more classrooms and kitchen and faculty staff and rooftop green
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areas with rooftop parking in phase two we'll convert this into a 3 hundred seat theatre awhile preferring a facade on the exterior and third element of our request to increase our maximum enrollment from 3 hundred students to 4 hundred quickly across the street on the left across the street from the city hall the st. agnes parish it is a smaller school give him naturally as well as two parking lot to provide parking for staff two years ago in january we included a 95 greater lease with the st. agnes parish and this is
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indicated with the doted yellow line around this long term lease 3 reasons important reasons for the expansion our current school building is very overcrowded every room is used every period we teach classes in front and back of the library when students and teachers are trying to if the spaces to talk they have to go to the halfway it was built as a middle school give him naturally we need to gimmicks turning to the performing arts we voluntary a black box theatre that is accommodating 95 people but lack
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larger musical performances that holds most of our community new facilities improve the upper environments but at the same time, they give the teachers and students more space to interact that builds a stronger school mandate that will relieve the current overcrowding but allow us to serve a great number of students in the bay area i'm going to turn it over to dwight long our architect and mr. long will take us through the rest of the slide. >> president fong and members of the commission thank you for having me here i'm going to give you a brief overview mark did a great job of talking about the facility and the phase project i
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will briefing show you the organization of it inside the view of that project i'd be - the pointer does not work on the monitor but the proposed facility goes over the existing parking lot on oak street there that serve the church and the school the first order of business will be moving a hectic residence to the center of that property to the east and up against the existing st. agnes life center the two green spots in that location open space areas that relate to the mid block open space area in that neighborhood there and relate to the overall entrances and back
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spaces are for did you proposed facility we're doing all the work on the interior of the work for the st. agnes theatre and that's proposed for a 24r5ir9. >> essentially those slides work through the existing property looks like you can see the greenhouse there is the existing residence that will be moved and kept as a residence a single unit to the east and we'll be building in the blue area a two level parking garage one below and at grade and that red area at the front is an method of operation active area through the school that will be there to help activate oak street along that particular street on top of that comes the gym where it fronts the park it is most welcoming for the kids in
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the classrooms and in the classroom planters it lubricates the park and the gym is tucked into the back it is the tall it part of the building three or four feet taller think front facade the overall building is 37 or 36 at the front we tried to put the lowest mass in front and the highest behind on the top of building is an open green space so for the school and that's again sent from oak street so the taut tallest part of the live is set back in working with the planning department as well as the historic division of planning we worked on a facade that was take and break up the largest element of the building both smaller pieces more in scale of the
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district itself to the facade is of a quiet the type of building gets broken down into a 25 block along that area and think the idea of that reflecting facade gets to reflect the park and other things around it. >> thank you, sir. >> is that it. >> we may have further questions. >> we may have further floor plans and things like that. >> thank you. >> okay open this up to public comment i have speaker cards (calling names). >>


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